Wednesday, October 27, 2010


In case you're wondering what wild animal this is, it's the Rick Dagnault native to the north end of Hamilton. It sleeps for hours at a time, consumes mass amounts of vitamin C, is purely vegetarian, and is a proud supporter of abstinence. If it wasn't for him, I would have never found Jesus, never learned to embrace other cultures or races, and never quit drinking. You can find him on exhibit at MataMata studios in either Hamilton, or Cambridge.


I'm glad this guys garage has tons of useful shit around it.

new pet

Two weeks ago at work we got a pet pig> TJ forgot to feed him, so needless to say we gouged his eyes out and cooked him, (the pig that is). Here is a picture of us playing catch with him. We named him kitty cat, since he was litter trained. I miss that little sucker. The bald guy is named Ronald, we just hired him, he's from Uganda and only speaks in click clacks. We had to train him how to put on work clothes, since he showed up in a loin cloth on his first day. He's more than suffice to work for rice and floor scraps.. just kidding we don't even let him eat, that's why he's so skinny.